Web Site Management

Here in the 21st Century today a vast majority of websites require constant maintenance and updates. This means a dedication of time, knowledge and education beyond what you or your company may have readily available.

At Island Pond Dot Com will assist you with the organization and management of your website and presence on Internet. We are here to fill gaps you may have on your existing team so that your businessí Internet presence is complete. You may not have the time, designer or programmer to work on your website, we will work as part of your team. Island Pond Dot Comís Website Management will help design and maintain your website with your companyís goals and image in mind.

If your business does not have the resources to have a full Internet Department in your company leave the management functions to us. You donít need to hire on additional full time staff. We offer temporary, contract, or permanent website management so your business doesnít fall behind.

Our website management incorporates updates, maintenance and monitoring into one package! Our low rate includes monitoring and 1hr per month of updates and/or maintenance.

Website Updates

Website updates differs from maintenance as they usually involve the content and graphics on your website. Updating your site refers to any additions, deletions or changes that you require to photos, graphics, content and more.

It is recommended that websites be current in the information that they provide and Search Engines check this on an ongoing basis. No one likes to go to a website and find stale, out of date information! Keep your site fresh and current, contact us now!

Website Maintenance

Island Pond Dot Com offers ongoing site maintenance for your website, to include scheduled or unscheduled design and structural changes to your site.

Website Maintenance will help keep the core of your site (the coding) up-to-date with web standards, and optimized. You can rest easy knowing that your website will run smoothly and work right!

Website Monitoring

Island Pond Dot Com will review your site quarterly (every 3 months) to ensure that the coding is maintained and up to date. If we notice a part of the site that requires attention, then depending on your package we will proceed to correct it or notify you and await direction.

Contact us today and see what we can do for you.